Jane Timken to Kick Off Statewide Listening Tour to Combat “Woke” Education Agenda

CANTON, OH – This week, Jane Timken will kick off a statewide listening tour to talk to moms and dads about concerns they have in their children’s education curriculum. This tour comes as Biden and Democrats are pushing a “woke” education agenda:

“As a mom, I am very concerned about the effects of Critical Race Theory and other leftist teachings that are being forced on our education system in Ohio and across the country. Moms, dads, and teachers know what is best for our kids in the classroom – not partisan propagandists in Washington pushing a political agenda.

In order to educate and prepare the next generation, we should focus on improving our schools and expanding access through school choice, not on racial ideologies that only divide our country further. China must be thrilled that the Biden education department is more concerned with being ‘woke’ rather than teaching math and science.” – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken

This listening tour, launching Friday in Columbus, will consist of parents sharing their concerns so that Jane can take this fight to Washington as a U.S. Senator.  


  • Biden’s Department of Education has proposed a role that would update American history curricula to include the 1619 project, teachings that have been criticized by educators and activists from both sides for being agenda-driven.
  • Jane would have proudly joined the 38 Senators calling for an immediate end to this proposed rule.
  • Critical Race Theory, Pollyanna and other racial-based education is spreading rapidly throughout the country.
  • The Ohio Board of Education passed a resolution calling for a “culturally responsive curriculum” in Ohio schools. 
  • As Jane continues to travel the state, education and the effects of these advocacy-based teachings are consistently top concerns.

Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.

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