ICYMI: Lima News: Timken: The hypocrisy of the left on election integrity

July 8, 2021

Lima News
By Jane Timken

“In 2016 and beyond, Hillary Clinton said the “election could be stolen from you,” that “we still don’t know what really happened” and that President Trump was an “illegitimate President.”

Democrats repeated the now-debunked Russia-collusion narrative ad nauseam. Even two years after the election, 66% of Democrats believed that “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected president.”

Despite these repeated claims and untruths about our elections, there were not constant stories from the mainstream media about “the Big Lie,” no public lashings as to how one party is now a “danger” to democracy.

Yet in today’s world, Americans are not able to bring up concerns about the 2020 election or talk about any election integrity measure without being scorned and labeled.

Take last week’s Supreme Court decision on Brnovich v. DNC. The court upheld two common-sense voting laws in Arizona that prohibited the third-party collection of ballots — a practice known as ballot harvesting — and said that ballots must be returned to the correct precinct….

Despite these facts, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that those rulings caused “one of the darkest days in all of the Supreme Court’s history.”

This hyperbolic language from Democrats is dangerous. Roe v. Wade legalized the killing of unborn babies. Plessy v. Ferguson codified racial segregation. The Dred Scott decision ruled that Black Americans were not citizens. But voting in your correct precinct is now equivalent to “Jim Crow 2.0”?

The faux outrage and knee-jerk reaction of the left to label any election measure as “voter suppression” and “racist” has made it impossible to have an actual dialogue about election integrity.

The Georgia voting bill is the perfect example of this. Despite the misinformation of the left, the bill actually expands the number of early voting days to 17 days — more days than Chuck Schumer’s New York or Joe Biden’s Delaware — and enhances voter ID requirements, a policy which 75% of Americans, including 69% of Black voters and 60% of Democrats, support.

The same holds true here in Ohio. Democrat Senator and former Secretary of State Sherrod Brown has said Ohio Republicans “should be ashamed of themselves” for seeking to codify the amount of drop boxes, increased in Ohio due to the pandemic, that are allowed. Brown could care less that when he was Secretary of State, there were ZERO drop boxes in Ohio. Those facts don’t fit the left’s narrative.

The last-minute election changes implemented across the country due to COVID, a once-in-a-century pandemic, should not be considered a blank check to now tear down all existing election laws. 

Election integrity is on the top of mind for millions of Americans across the country. It is absolutely critical that we restore confidence in our elections and ensure the mistakes of 2020 never happen again.

The Republican solution? Emulate states like Georgia and Ohio that are codifying rules so that voting is free, fair and transparent.

The Democrat solution? Push H.R. 1/S. 1, a dangerous bill that federalizes our elections, uses taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns and eviscerates voter ID requirements.

All voters must have confidence in our elections — that is a central cornerstone of our democracy. That did not happen in 2020, and we must correct it. As the next U.S. Senator from Ohio, I will always fight for free and fair elections. I will always fight to protect your vote.
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