ICYMI: Timken: Trump’s ‘Save America’ message rings true throughout Ohio

June 25, 2021

CANTON, OH – Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate, welcomed President Trump back to Ohio with an opinion piece in the Elyria Chronicle Telegram. 

TIMKEN: “President Trump is holding his first post-election rally this Saturday, and it’s no surprise he is coming back to Ohio.

 In 2016 and in 2020, Ohio delivered big for President Trump because over the last four years, President Trump delivered big for Ohioans. His America First policies worked for Ohio and put our state and country on a path of strength and prosperity.”

“His ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ agenda resonated with Ohioans. That’s exactly why counties like Lorain County flipped in his favor in 2020 and why Ohio is secured as a pro-Trump, conservative stronghold.

Yet in just a couple months, Joe Biden and his socialist allies have unraveled this incredible progress. In the interest of doing everything the exact opposite of President Trump, Biden has flung open our border, stunted the economic recovery he inherited, stomped on our Constitution, and capitulated to our enemies Russia and China.”

“With the Biden liberals advancing this socialist agenda, President Trump’s voice has never been more important and his message that we must ‘Save America’ rings true.

That’s why I am running for the United States Senate – to stop the Democrats’ socialist policies and champion a return to the America First agenda that put Ohio jobs, Ohio families, and Ohio communities first.

I was proud to be endorsed by President Trump to lead the Ohio Republican Party, and over the last four years, I put 150,000 miles on my cars and campaigned in all 88 counties to deliver a decisive 8-point win for President Trump in 2020 and flip key counties like Lorain.

No other U.S. Senate candidate has worked harder for President Trump and no one is more committed to advancing his America First agenda in Washington. Like President Trump, I fight tough and I don’t back down.”

Read the full piece in the print edition of the Elyria Chronicle Telegram. 


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