Jane Timken Condemns Tim Ryan’s Call to Eliminate the Filibuster

June 24, 2021

CANTON, OH – Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement on Tim Ryan’s call to end the filibuster. 

“Tim Ryan has fully embraced the radical left with his reckless calls to end the filibuster. Democrats used the filibuster 327 times last year, including on important legislation like Tim Scott’s police reform bill. But with an insatiable thirst for power and need for control, Democrats like Tim Ryan now want to change the rules to rig the game in their favor. Court packing, election rigging, an erosion of our Constitutional rights to Life, Liberty and the 2nd Amendment – that is the future we face with Democrats like Tim Ryan in control. It is more important than ever that we take back the Senate and our Congressional majorities in 2022 and retire radical liberals like Tim Ryan for good.” – Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate

Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.

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