Jane Timken Taking to the Skies, Showing Grassroots’ Force on the Ground to Welcome President Trump Back to Ohio

June 26, 2021

CANTON, OH – Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate, is taking to the skies and flexing her grassroots’ support on the ground today to welcome President Trump back to Ohio. The campaign has rented an aerial plane that will fly a banner reading “Ohio is Trump Country! JaneTimkenforOhio.com” around the Lorain County fairgrounds. 

    “I’m thrilled to welcome President Trump back to Ohio in what will be the grassroots event of the year! With Biden and the socialist left taking over our country, President Trump’s voice is more important than ever as we work to ‘Save America,'” said Timken.

    “I was honored to be endorsed by President Trump to lead the Ohio Republican Party and proudly continue to champion his legacy across Ohio as the grassroots’ choice for the U.S. Senate,” added Timken. “Unlike other candidates who have bashed President Trump, refused to campaign for him or quit the tough fights, I have been unwavering in my support for President Trump and his America First agenda that worked for Ohio.” 

The plane will fly above rally-goers to highlight Timken’s support and America First record. In addition to the aerial advertising, Jane Timken had a robust organizing effort ahead of the rally, including:

  • Pre-rally gathering: This rally served as a gathering point for supporters to get t-shirts, make signs, mingle with supporters, and talk to Timken before heading to the rally. 
  • Grassroots Army: Timken and volunteers are out in force talking to voters about her America First agenda.
  • Digital advertising: The campaign is geofencing the Lorain County Fairgrounds to target rally-goers with Jane’s pro-Trump message. (Example below)
  • Dedicated Radio Ad: A new radio ad released Thursday and running in the Cleveland area welcomed President Trump back to the state and highlighted his leadership for Ohio.  You can listen to the ad here. 

Today’s activities highlight Timken’s robust grassroots’ support as the grassroots’ candidate and her strong organizational advantage in the race for Senate. Timken is the only candidate focused on building the grassroots ground game needed to win with Timken County Chairs in all 88 counties, over 200,000 voter contacts, and 130 endorsements from conservative leaders across Ohio. 

Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.

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