Jane Timken Touts Grassroots, In-State Fundraising Strength with Donors in All 88 Ohio Counties

July 19, 2021

Only Candidate in Field with Statewide Donor Base as Grassroots Fundraising Soars
 CANTON, OH – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken announced on Monday that her campaign has received donations from all 88 Ohio counties, highlighting the strong statewide enthusiasm for her candidacy. Since the launch of her campaign, 84% of the money raised for Timken came from within Ohio. This is in stark contrast to other candidates in the race who are raising a majority of their money from out of state donors. Importantly, Timken is earning the support of those that actually can vote in Ohio’s primary election. 

“I am proud to be leading the field when it comes to Ohio’s grassroots support,” said Timken. “Momentum is on our side as Ohio voters coalesce around my candidacy because they know me, trust my leadership, and are ready to send a conservative disrupter to the U.S. Senate to fight for the America First agenda.” 

Timken’s in-state grassroots fundraising has taken off, unlike the other candidates in the field. Analysis of the fundraising reports cycle to date prove that Timken is the clear favorite of the Ohio grassroots.  

Jane Timken:

  • Jane Timken has raised money in every Ohio county, and 84% of her total money raised has come from within the state. 
    • 76% of individual donors coming from in Ohio
  • This highlights Timken’s robust statewide support and viability as the grassroots’ choice for Ohio.

Josh Mandel:

  • Mandel’s report shows Ohio donors are not coalescing around his candidacy as 59% of the total money raised came from out of state. 
    • Collectively, 64% of his individual donors are from out of state 
  • Despite multiple previous bids for office, Ohio donors are choosing not to support Mandel’s candidacy. 

Bernie Moreno:

  • There were only 41 people from outside the Cleveland area who supported Moreno, showing a clear absence of statewide support and viability.  
  • 54% of Moreno’s total money raised came from out of state, and in Ohio, an overwhelming majority are from the greater Cleveland area. 
    • Over half of his individual donors came from out of state

Mike Gibbons:

  • Gibbons’ report shows a clear lack of interest in garnering donor support across Ohio as he is self-funding. 
  • Gibbons reported only 94 Ohio donors, with only eight donors coming from outside the greater Cleveland area.

These numbers reflect Timken’s status as the clear grassroots choice for the U.S. Senate. Timken has earned endorsements from over 140 conservative leaders and activists across the state and is the only campaign with boots on the ground in all 88 counties with announced Timken County Chairs statewide. 

Timken is also the only candidate doing significant direct voter contact and has already surpassed 200,000 voter contacts cycle to date this early in the campaign. 

 Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.


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