Jane Timken’s Statement on Biden’s Afghanistan Address

August 16, 2021

CANTON, OH – Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio, released the following statement in response to Biden’s address on Afghanistan: 

“Joe Biden’s too-little-too-late spin and total deflection of responsibility did nothing to assuage fears and answer questions Americans, our troops, the Afghan people and our allies rightfully have in the wake of Biden’s gross incompetence. Instead of blaming President Trump and the Afghan people, Biden should have taken responsibility for the botched execution of his withdrawal – for leaving American citizens behind, abandoning Afghan interpreters and allies, allowing American weaponry to land in Taliban hands, and surrendering the Bagram Air Base.  Biden did not lay out a clear plan of action as to where we go from here and did not put forward a comprehensive plan as to how we keep our homeland safe from terrorism. Once again, Biden is leading from behind, projecting weakness, and proving unable to complete his duties as Commander in Chief. Joe Biden should resign and Secretary Lloyd Austin, Secretary Antony Blinken and General Mark Milley should all be fired. The world is watching – and the Biden Administration is failing us.” 


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