ICYMI: Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik Highlights His Support for Jane Timken for U.S. Senate

August 27, 2021

ICYMI: U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken and former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik will be holding two “Back the Blue” rallies tomorrow in Columbus and Youngstown. Ahead of this visit, Commissioner Kerik took to the Ohio airwaves to highlight why he supports Jane Timken as the best choice for U.S. Senate.  Read more: 

570 WKBN Youngstown – The Dan Rivers Show

Rivers: “What do you see in Jane Timken that is better than the other candidates?”

Kerik: “First and foremost, she has been an America First candidate for as long as I’ve known her and known about her. There are some other U.S. Senate candidates in Ohio, but they are all wannabes. They hate Donald Trump, they called him a lunatic, they called him a fraud, but now all of a sudden, it’s election time and everyone is jumping on the Donald Trump bandwagon. Whether you like the guy or you didn’t like the guy, his policies were good for this country. And Jane Timken was behind those policies. She wants to push those policies going forward. I think she has the courage to stand up to this Administration. And we need a fighter!”

Kerik: “There’s a lot of rhetoric out there but when you compare her to the other three, four candidates…there’s nobody I’d support in that position more than her.” 

700 WLW Cincinnati – The Bill Cunningham Show

Cunningham: “Why are you endorsing Jane Timken over the other candidates?”

Kerik: “I want a fighter! I want somebody who I believe is going to stand up – and one that is truthful – stand up and go to Washington and fight for the country. Fight for America First and I know three or four of the other guys…these are not America First candidates. I want America First…I want someone to follow those policies and I believe Jane Timken is the person to do it.”

1370 WSPD Toledo – The Scott Sands Show

 Kerik: “We have Marxist and extreme left-wingers in Congress today…people that despise the police, vilify them, victimize the thugs…that’s one of the reasons I’m supporting Jane Timken. We need fighters in the Senate and the House to go to Washington to stop this nonsense.

610 WTVN Columbus – The Boxer Show 

Kerik: “You need people to get in positions and do the job that has to be done. Which is why I am supporting Jane Timken because I think she can do that. She can push…people in the White House to do the job they’re supposed to be doing.” 

Boxer: “Yea, Jane Timken has never shied away from her displeasure..with defunding the police, that movement.”


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