Jane Timken Launches “Parents First” Statewide Tour

November 8, 2021

Continuation of Critical Race Theory Listening Tour Launched in May

 CANTON, OH – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken announced today a new “Parents First” statewide tour as part of her focus on education and empowering Ohio moms and dads. The tour, kicking off this week, is a continuation of Jane’s statewide listening tour on Critical Race Theory launched back in May, and will build on the kitchen-table and educational issues that matter to Ohio families.

“I’m a mom and I believe that parents know what is best for their children, not politicians or government bureaucrats,” said Timken. “As Ohio’s next Senator, I will work to lift up parents’ voices when it comes to school choice, personal health decisions, economic freedoms, and family values that should be taught in the home, not by the government. By empowering parents, we empower the next generation of Ohioans who will be the future engineers, tradesmen, educators and leaders of tomorrow.”

Jane’s “Parents First” tour, launching this Wednesday in Madison with newly elected School Board candidate Jeff Thompson and continuing in Upper Arlington, will include events with many of the school board candidates Jane helped to support this election cycle. 

The tour comes on the heels of a new ad launched last week, “Patriot,” where Jane pledges to “stop the liberal indoctrination of our children,” “ban Critical Race Theory,” and “teach our kids to be patriots!”

Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.


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