U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Timken Becomes First to File for Ballot

January 13, 2022

Timken First Statewide Candidate in Ohio to Formally File for Ballot, Touting Grassroots Support 

 CANTON, OH – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken became the first statewide candidate in Ohio to formally file for the ballot today, submitting over 2,800 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office from Ohioans in all 88 counties. 

“I am proud to be running a grassroots campaign, fueled by Ohioans who are eager for fresh leadership, a conservative champion, and a proven fighter for the America First agenda,” said Timken. “Ohioans know me as someone who has been fighting alongside them over the last five years for our conservative cause, and that authentic record is resonating in all corners of the state. As Ohio’s next United States Senator, I will fight tirelessly to return our country to a path of prosperity where families are empowered, communities are safe, our God-given rights are protected, and radical socialism will never hinder the American Dream. This race is pivotal for the future of our country – and I am not slowing down.” 

Today’s filing was made possible thanks to an overwhelming show of support from Ohio Republican voters and Timken’s grassroots support. Not only is Timken the “First to File,” but she is the only candidate with a statewide infrastructure including Timken County Chairs in all 88 counties, over 175 endorsements from Ohio conservative officials, and an unparalleled ground game that has already made one million voter contacts. This infrastructure will be key to turning grassroots support into actual votes on Election Day.

This outpouring of grassroots enthusiasm is matched by the tremendous in-state financial support from Ohioans. With over 80 percent of total contributions coming from within the state, Timken dwarfs her opponents in support from those who will actually vote in this primary. In fact, Timken has double the Ohio donor support than her next closest opponent and is in the top two for total dollars raised.

Recentpolling confirms Timken, as a first-time candidate, continues to climb on the ballot and is in second place, closing in on first against career politician Josh Mandel, even as other candidates and outside-aligned groups spend more on paid advertising. The more Ohio voters learn about Timken, the more she becomes the clear choice as the Republican nominee who can fight for our country, unite the Party, and defeat Democrats’ socialist agenda in November. 


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