Endorsements Continue to Pour in for U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Timken

February 4, 2022

Over 180 Endorsements for America First, Grassroots Candidate

CANTON, OH – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken is proud to announce the endorsements today of Hilliard City Council members Omar Tarazi and Les Carrier, Mayor of Amsterdam Jim Phillips, Saybrook Township Trustee Bob Brobst, and Ohio Republican State Central Committee member Patti Alderson. This brings Timken’s total endorsement count to over 180 conservative elected officials in Ohio, a strong testament to her proven leadership and a number that dwarfs that of any of her opponents. 

“I am proud to support Jane Timken for the U.S. Senate because she is the pro-family candidate who can defeat the leftist anti-American, anti-parent and anti-teacher corruption and incompetence that has infected our public schools across the country. There are many high-quality candidates in this race who all talk a good game and bemoan the condition of public education, but only one who actually has a plan to solve it. Jane Timken has the leadership and competence to get the job done and for that reason, I am happy to endorse her.” – Omar Tarazi – Hilliard City Council

“As a member of Hilliard City Council, I know how important it is to have leaders with character and integrity representing Ohio. Not only is Jane focused on the right issues – solving the education crisis our kids are facing, combating violent crime in our communities, fighting against the rising cost of living – but she is in this race for the right reasons. Jane will be a strong public servant to secure Ohio’s future and fight for Ohio’s interests.” – Les Carrier – Hilliard City Council

“Every week, my grassroots army of supporters continues to grow,” said Timken. “I am proud to have the support of so many elected officials and conservative front line fighters in Ohio who have put their faith in me to protect Ohio values.” 

The growing slate of over 180 grassroots endorsements from Ohio conservatives adds to additional endorsements from House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Maggie’s List, and VIEWPAC.

This support boosts an unmatched statewide field program with over one million voter contacts made, Timken County Chairs and individual donor support in all 88 counties, and the most Ohio dollars raised than any other candidate in the race.

Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.


ICYMI: Toledo Blade: I’ll tackle the inflation madness in the U.S. Senate

January 28, 2022

Toledo Blade
By Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate

“Inflation is at a 40-year high. The last time it was 7 percent, Olivia Newton John topped the charts and parachute pants were the latest trend.

It’s only been one year of Joe Biden and Democrats’ one-party “leadership,” yet American families are feeling the squeeze now more than ever. The cost of groceries, the cost to buy goods, and the cost to fill up your gas tank are all higher.

Yet incredulously, Democrats want to double down on the very agenda that has caused this inflationary environment with out-of-control spending and programs that increase government dependency. How much higher is inflation going to get before Democrats realize socialism doesn’t work?

I’m running to be Ohio’s next United States Senator to put a stop to this madness and turn our economic crisis around.

First, we must stop the spending. Washington has spent trillions of taxpayer dollars over the past year, artificially pumping more money into the economy that has only put pressure on prices to increase even faster.

My mom taught me the importance of valuing my pennies when I was a little girl, and I’m going to Washington to be a real fiscal conservative. I support a Balanced Budget Amendment, have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge vowing not to increase taxes, and believe we must rein in spending — especially when it comes to the federal bureaucracy. Congress has abdicated its oversight authority, and it’s past time we use the “power of the purse” to cut, slash, and lower spending.

Next, we must get people back to work. Democrats paid people to sit at home, and, by result, they’ve ushered in a culture of dependency and disengagement. 

In addition to ridding the country of all unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates that are suffocating the economy, I have a plan to jumpstart our workforce. I will propose legislation that gives tax credits to businesses that invest in local schools, community colleges, and tech schools by training and hiring those students for the jobs they actually need. Four-year colleges are not for everyone, and we can do more to incentivize workforce training for the jobs of the future.

Finally, we must stop the attacks on our oil and gas industry. President Trump unleashed American energy independence, but in a single year, Joe Biden clawed it back. Gas prices are headed to $4 a gallon, and Americans are paying more to heat their homes.

Enough is enough. I’m going to Washington to fight for responsible government. Every American family must live within their means — so why shouldn’t Washington?

Only by changing leadership in Washington will we help to change the bottom line for American families in Ohio and across this country.”

Read the full piece here


Jane Timken Continues to Dominate Fundraising with Ohio Supporters

February 1, 2022

Only Candidate in Field with Statewide Base of Support

 CANTON, OH – After fourth quarter fundraising reports, U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken continues to dominate her opponents in terms of the support she has from donors in Ohio. She has raised more dollars from more individuals in the state than any other candidate and her support keeps growing each day. In stark contrast to other candidates in the race who are raising a majority of their money from out of state donors or showing no comprehensive statewide donor base, Timken continues to earn the financial support of those that actually can vote in Ohio’s primary election. 

“I am proud to be leading the field when it comes to Ohio’s grassroots support,” said Timken. “I am running a race for Ohio, in Ohio, fueled by hard-working Ohioans, and I’m proud that my coalition of supporters continues to grow.” 

Analysis of the itemized fundraising reports cycle to date prove that Timken is the clear favorite of the Ohio grassroots: 

Jane Timken:

  • Jane Timken is the only candidate with broad financial support across the state that continues to grow.
  • Cycle to date, Jane has raised over $2.7 million dollars from Ohioans, handily beating out the rest of her opponents.
  • Jane has over 3,700 individual donors from Ohio representing all 88 counties, including nearly 700 this quarter alone. 

Josh Mandel:

  • Despite multiple previous bids for office in the state of Ohio, Ohio donors are choosing not to support Mandel’s candidacy and based on his itemized reports, nearly two-thirds of his financial support comes from out of state. 

Bernie Moreno:

  • Bernie Moreno’s fundraising has stalled and the number of individuals willing to make an investment in his campaign has dwindled.  
  • He raised only $300,000 this past quarter – less than half of what he raised in the 3rd quarter.
  • Only 141 donors supported him last quarter – with just 84 from Ohio.  

JD Vance:

  • Cycle to date, 70% of the money JD Vance has raised has come from outside Ohio.  
  • In Q4 alone, less than 200 Ohio donors made a contribution to his campaign. 

Mike Gibbons:

  • Despite spending nearly $10 million on TV advertising, just 50 people in the state of Ohio chose to support his campaign in Q4 and 175 overall. 

Matt Dolan: 

  • Despite entering the race to fill an Ohio void he claimed existed, Dolan’s Q4 itemized report shows no evidence of this. Only 25 individuals outside the greater Cleveland area even made a contribution to his campaign. 
  • Even though Q4 was Dolan’s first fundraising quarter, traditionally the strongest for candidates, the support he showed on his report was lackluster.  

Timken’s Ohio support boosts an unmatched ground game with Timken County Chairs in all 88 counties and over 175 endorsements from Ohio elected officials and activists. She is also the only candidate doing significant direct voter contact and has already surpassed one million voter contacts in the campaign. 
 Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.