ICYMI: Akron Beacon Journal: Senate candidate Jane Timken nods to moms who have ‘had enough’ of Democrats’ policies

March 3, 2022

Akron Beacon Journal
Op-ed by Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate

“March commemorates Women’s History Month where we celebrate the contributions of women. Throughout history, women have been trailblazers in voting rights, civil rights, and political rights — often ushering in large scale movements that have impacted our communities in incredible ways.

We are on the precipice of yet another movement. This Women’s History Month, we celebrate women, specifically the mama bears, who are leading a political awakening in this country. While we see and honor all those papa bears too, this year is the year of the mom.

The mom fighting back against her children’s lost education when schools were shut down and held hostage by teachers unions. The mom standing up for personal medical freedom and the right to determine her family’s healthcare decisions. The mom outraged with Democrat politicians who want to mask her 2-year-old, but won’t hold illegal immigrants at the southern border to the same standard. The mom who has had to leave the workforce because of asinine COVID policies forcing disruptive school and daycare schedules. The mom who has just had enough.

Count me in as one of those angry mama bears.

More often than not, women don’t sit on the sidelines when there is a problem. Instead, we fix it. That is how I got my start in politics, too.

When Democrats passed Obamacare, I saw that as the first step of government overreach in our lives, so I got involved at a local level to do something about it. Then in 2016, when the Kasich-controlled machine at the Ohio Republican Party turned its back on President Donald Trump, I stepped up to run as chair and proudly became the first female chairman of any major political party in Ohio. Today, I’m running for U.S. Senate because I can’t sit back and watch Democrats reverse the incredible progress we made under Trump’s America First agenda and steer this country into a ditch, void of opportunity for our children.

Mothers, myself included, are laser-focused on the issues that matter to American families because we are often on the front lines of these issues at home and at work. We see the cost of rising inflation when we go to the grocery store or the gas pump. We know what it takes to live within our family’s budget, and don’t want our kids and grandkids footing the bill for Washington’s reckless spending. We passionately believe that when it comes to education and healthcare decisions, our kids belong to us — the parents — and not the government. We are fed up with “defund the police” nonsense and want to live in communities that are safe.

I am in the fight to be Ohio’s next senator because I truly believe the Republican Party is the Grand Opportunity Party that can lift our state and our country to new heights and leave a better tomorrow for our children.

While my election would make me Ohio’s first female Senator, my gender is not what qualifies me for office. My fighter-spirit and record of getting things done is.

I’m a mom-on-a-mission ready to fight for our state, and I’m incredibly excited to have such a strong slate of conservative moms supporting me. House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress and now serves in House Leadership. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is leading the country on legislation combating critical race theory and protecting fairness in girls’ sports. Sens. Joni Ernst, Shelley Moore Capito and Deb Fischer are all the first women elected to the Senate in their states and have delivered forward-thinking results.  And Kellyanne Conway was the first female to ever lead a successful presidential campaign —though the media won’t give her credit for it.

This month, I celebrate all the mothers protecting their kids. With me as Ohio’s next senator, Ohio families will have one more mama bear fighting for them in Washington.”

Read the full piece here

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