ICYMI: Senator Rob Portman Campaigns with Jane Timken Across Ohio

March 7, 2022

On Friday, U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken campaigned in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus with Senator Rob Portman who has endorsed Timken as his successor. See below for some of the highlights:  
Dayton Daily News

“She’d be a terrific U.S. senator. We have a 50-50 senate right now. I think its important that we send a Republican to the Senate because a Republican majority is really important to the future of Ohio and the country,” Portman said during a campaign appearance with Timken on Friday at the Montgomery County Republican Party office in Riverside.

“There are many choices, and a lot of them are my friends. But I’ve known Jane for a long time and I’ve watched her in action,” during her tenure as chair of the state GOP, he said. “It’s also great for us to have a strong Republican woman running. We need more women in the senate on both sides of the aisle.”

Spectrum News

“Portman says he believes Timken is the right person for the job because she has a proven record of getting things done. ‘I Think she is the best person to win the primary election and the general election…What is going on with inflation, our energy policy in this country, we see what is going on overseas. We need to restore the strength of our military. We need to make sure our parents have control over their kids’ lives and get back to school. Jane is strong on all of these issues. It’s really important we have Jane there.’”

“We want our children to have the best education and the best opportunity because it’s about the American Dream,” said Timken. “It’s time to put parents first. It’s time to put kids first. They’ve poked the mama and papa bears and the mamas and the papas are fighting back. I’m a mom on a mission to fight for this country!”
ABC 22 Dayton

“Senator Portman recently endorsed Timken to be his successor in the Ohio Senate Primary. He says she is the ‘best candidate to advance conservative Republican policies to help Ohio workers and families.’ ‘Jane is not running as a woman, she is running as a conservative who wants to help Ohio, for the future of our kids and our grandkids.'”

NBC 2 Dayton

“While in the Miami Valley, Timken was asked about the Russian invasion in the Ukraine. ‘We need full court press sanctions. I’m going to Washington, D.C. to fight for peace through strength, to make sure our military has the resources it needs, and to make sure our veterans are taken care of. Right now, national security means we need full court press on Vladimir Putin.'” 

“Just wrapped up a visit with some @JaneTimkenOH supporters in Dayton, where we talked about Ukraine, energy policy, inflation, & the need to secure our southern border. On issue after issue, Jane Timken is the best candidate to represent Ohio in the US Senate!”
Cleveland.com Capitol Letter

“In Columbus at the Timken campaign headquarters, Portman touted Timken as an intelligent conservative well-positioned to win the general election in November…’She’s got her own opinions, she’s got real conservative values, but she knows how to bring people together and actually achieve results, which I think as a U.S. Senator, you need to not just throw out red meat, but actually get something done.’”

Columbus Dispatch

“They hit the highlights: immigration, inflation, parents’ choice in education…”


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