U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Timken’s Statement on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

April 7, 2022

CANTON, OH – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken released the following statement on today’s Senate vote on the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: 
 “One of the most important roles a U.S. Senator has is confirming Judicial appointments, especially lifetime appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Jackson’s soft-on-crime sentencing history, her support of Critical Race Theory and abortion, and her refusal to denounce the Leftist power grab to pack the Supreme Court are deeply troubling. I would have voted against Judge Jackson because we need Justices who revere the Constitution and protect our rights guaranteed by God, not activist judges who legislate from the bench. 

I was proud to stand alongside President Trump in Ohio as he appointed over 230 Constitutional Judges, including three new Supreme Court Justices, that have reshaped the federal judiciary for decades to come. As Ohio’s next Senator, I will examine every judicial appointment through the lens of their respect for Life, our Liberties, and the Constitution to ensure the independence of the judiciary is protected and our rights are never infringed.”

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