Jane Timken Dominates Final Fundraising Quarter in Ohio Support

Only Candidate in Field with Consistent Statewide Base of Support

April 16, 2022

 CANTON, OH – In the final fundraising numbers ahead of the primary, U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken dominated the rest of the field in terms of actual support from Ohioans who get to vote in the election. Jane by FAR has the most Ohio donors with over 1,000 Ohio supporters this quarter alone. Once again, more people in Ohio contributed to her than all other campaigns combin

  • JD Vance had only 201 people in Ohio contribute to him. More than double his donors came from out of state.
  • Josh Mandel had almost 3x as many people from outside of the state give to him than from Ohio.
  • Mike Gibbons is not raising any money at all. He raised just $112,000 and continues to rely on his own wallet. 
  • Matt Dolan is not showing any substantial support from Ohioans, despite claiming to fill an Ohio void. He had only 123 people who contributed to him and like Gibbons, is relying on personal wealth to run this race, not Ohioans. 

“While out of state billionaires and DC special interests prop up my opponents’ campaigns, I am proud to fueled by the people who actually live, work and raise their families in Ohio,” said Timken. “Ohio’s grassroots know that I am the leader who has been there for them and the conservative movement and I am honored to have their continued support.” 

Analysis of Ohio donors based on Q1 reports: 

Timken’s unmatched Ohio support buoys a best-in-the-country ground game with 1.4 million voter contacts made and over 200 endorsements from Ohio elected leaders. 
 Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.

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