Look Who Stands With Jane!

Congressman Bob Gibbs

7th District

Senator Steve Wilson

7th District

Senator Bill Blessing

8th District

Senator Kirk Schuring

29th District

Senator Michael Rulli

33rd District

Jane Timken has received
the endorsement of

Over 150 Conservative Leaders

from across Ohio!


Over 150 of Ohio’s Conservative
Leaders Have Endorsed Jane Timken.


Gov. Kristi Noem

U.S. Congress

Congressman Bob Gibbs

7th District

Ohio General Assembly

Senator Steve Wilson

7th District

Senator Bill Blessing

8th District

Senator Kirk Schuring

29th District

Senator Michael Rulli

33rd District

Rep. Marilyn John

2nd District

Rep. Haraz Ghanbari

3rd District

Rep. Laura Lanese

23rd District

Rep. Cindy Abrams

29th District

Rep. Bill Seitz

30th District

Rep. Bob Young

36th District

Rep. Bill Roemer

38th District

Rep. Scott Oelslager

48th District

Rep. Reggie Stoltzfus

50th District

Rep. Sara Carruthers

51st District

Rep. Dick Stein

57th District

Rep. Michael Loychik

63rd District

Rep. Jean Schmidt

65th District

Rep. Sharon Ray

69th District

Rep. Gail Pavliga

75th District

Rep. Jim Hoops

81st District

Rep. Jon Cross

83rd District

Rep. Tracy Richardson

86th District

Rep. Brian Baldridge

90th District

Rep. Brett Hillyer

98th District

Rep. Rick Carfagna

68th District

Rep. Mark Johnson

92nd District

Party Officials

Keith Cheney

Allen County

Dan Harkins

Clark County

Dave Johnson

Columbiana County

Steve Hall

Coshocton County

Fmr. Sandy Barber

Fulton County

Rob Radway

Hardin County

Rob Hovis

Holmes County

Tom McCabe

Mahoning County

Pat Hennessey

Muskingum County

David Manuta

Pike County

David Haber

Preble County

Tony Schroeder

Putnam County

Marilyn John

Richland County

Jeff Matthews

Stark County

Doug Wills

Tusc. County

Dee Talmage

2nd District

Mary Beth Kemmer

5th District

Steve Bruns

5th District

Judy Westbrock

6th District

Arthur McGuire

6th District

Michelle Schneider

7th District

Alex Triantafilou

8th District

Mary Anne Christie

8th District

Linda Matthews

9th District

Steve Austria

10th District

Fmr. Bill Delaney

11th District

Donna Owens

11th District

Keith Cheney

12th District

Katie DeLand

12th District

Patty Stein

13th District

Greg Simpson

14th District

Carolyn Petree

15th District

Susie O’Brien

16th District

Phil Bowman

17th District

Bonnie Ward

17th District

Fmr. John Plecnik

18th District

Mary O’Toole

18th District

Pat Hennessey

20th District

Joe Miller

21st District

Susan Rodman

21st District

Dan Carter

25th District

Bryan Williams

27th District

Jim Simon

28th District

Debbie Walsh

28th District

Curt Braden

29th District

Sarah Brown

29th District

Jim Carnes

30th District

Doug Wills

31st District

Melissa Pope

32nd District

Dave Johnson

33rd District

Monica Robb Blasdel

33rd District

Tim Ross

Coshocton County GOP Secretary

Aaron Maus

Clermont County Central Committee Vice-Chair

Alexis Lewis

Erie County GOP Secretary

Nancy McArthur


Nancy Aichholz

Hamilton County GOP Finance Chair

Brett Kolb

Fulton County

Andrew Havas

Franklin County Republican Executive Committee Member

County and Local Elected Officials

Beth Seibert

Allen Co. Comm.

Brian Winegardner

Allen Co. Comm.

Cory Noonan

Allen Co. Comm.

James Justice

Ashland Co. Comm.

Michael Halleck

Columbiana Co. Comm.

Roy Paparodis

Columbiana Co. Comm.

Tim Weigle

Columbiana Co. Comm.

Joe Deters

Hamilton Co. Prosecutor

Charlie Winburn

Hamilton Co. Treasurer

Jeffrey Duncan

Highland Co. Comm.

Rob Ault

Holmes Co. Comm.

Ray Eyler

Holmes Co. Comm.

David Moore

Lorain Co. Comm.

Ken Stiverson

Marion Co. Comm.

Kerr Murray

Marion Co. Comm.

Anthony Badalamenti

Portage Co. Comm.

David Haber

Preble Co. Comm.

Adam Craft

Preble Co. Comm.

Richard Regula

Stark Co. Comm.

Janet Weir Creighton

Stark Co. Comm.

Jamie Walters

Stark County Recorder

Bethany McKenney

Summit Co. Council

Al Landis

Tusc. Co. Comm.

Mayor Don Mason


Mayor James Armstrong

Munroe Falls

Mayor Ben Stahler


Mayor Bill Bean


Mayor Joe Schultz

Canal Fulton

Mayor Frank Bertone


Mayor Greg Bricker

East Liverpool

Mayor Kevin Siembida


Mayor Gerard Neugebauer


Councilwoman Jaclyn Rohaly


Mayor John Berlin


Brook Harless

Plain Township Trustee, Stark County

Jeff Chattin

Pike County Comm.

Betsy Sundermann

Cincinnati City Council

Matt Crall

Crawford County Prosecutor

Tim Eberts

Vinton County Comm.

Cindy Waugh

Vinton County Auditor

Barbara Moore

Adams County Comm.

Cindi Henry

Belmont County Auditor

Gloria Rodgers

Summit County Council

David Jeffers

Ross County Treasurer

Michele Reynolds

Madison Township Trustee, Franklin County

Kathryn Whittington

Ashtabula County Comm.

Mayor Christina Muryn


Chris Wallace

Madison County Comm.

Alan Harold

Stark County Auditor

Alex Zumbar

Stark County Treasurer

Matt Nolan

Warren County Auditor

Janelle Dixon

Ashtabula County Central Committee Member

Bryan Blakeman

Columbiana County Treasurer-elect

Glenn Mishler

Coshocton City Council

Stephanie Zader

Mansfield City Council

Jim Thomas

Jackson Township Trustee, Stark County

Wendy Hardy

Fulton County Recorder

Mike Zuren

Lake County Treasurer-Elect

Pat South

Former Warren Co. Commissioner

Branden Meyer

Fairfield County Clerk of Courts

Lori Sanders

Pickerington Local School District Board of Education

Jim Armeni

Columbiana County Recorder

Brian McLaughlin

Columbiana Couny Sheriff

Torri Huebner

Ohio Young Republicans Chair

Grant Davis

Pickaway County Young Republicans Chair

Cody Pettit

Muskingum County Young Republicans Chair

Christian Mason

Muskingum County Young Republicans Vice Chair

Dom Ciano

Cap City Young Republicans Recruitment Chair

Jerry Huffstetler

Ohio Young Republicans Endorsement Committee


Tony Schroeder

Putnam County

Tom Liebrecht

Putnam Co. (Vice Chair)


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