Protecting our constitutional rights to life, liberty, and religion. As a devoted Catholic, I am deeply and strongly pro-life. I believe our rights are God-given, not government-given, and that includes our fundamental rights to bear arms and worship freely.

The government has no authority to infringe on these unalienable rights, and I will fiercely defend these liberties as Senator.


Returning to America First immigration policies. Protecting our borders is essential to national security, economic security, and national sovereignty.

I will fight to finish the wall. I will re-institute the Remain in Mexico policy and end amnesty and catch and release.

An open border contributes to a surge in Ohio’s opioid epidemic and human trafficking. A strong border translates to safe communities.


Protecting Ohio’s economy through low taxes and less regulation. I will proudly repeal the trillions in tax hikes the Biden Administration is proposing and return to the historic Trump-era tax cuts.

I support the continued exploration and development of Ohio’s oil and gas resources.

I support less regulations on Ohio businesses, including ending all COVID-restrictions, that stunt American innovation and business opportunity.


Ensuring Ohio’s workforce is skilled and ready. It is critical that we have the skilled workforce needed to fill jobs available.

This means investing in training for our workers, expanding skilled trades in schools, and prioritizing an Ohio workforce through strong immigration policies.

Equipping the workforce of today with the skills required for tomorrow is of strategic and economic concern.


Expanding education opportunity through school choice. Every child should have the opportunity to receive the best education, no matter their zip code.

We must expand access for families to choose what is best for their own children.

This includes combating the far-left teachings in our education system such as Critical Race Theory.


combating the rise of cancel culture. The “woke” liberal mob continues to come after our traditions and values, and the mainstream media and its Big Tech allies silence anyone that dares question it.

I will proudly protect our First Amendment rights and fight back against conservative censorship.

I refuse to let the loud minority stifle the silent majority.

Tough on China

Holding China accountable. China is the greatest foreign threat facing the United States. While Barack Obama and Joe Biden bowed to China, President Trump had what it took to stand up to the Communist regime and fight for American workers and for Ohio workers.

We need leaders who will hold China accountable for their theft of intellectual property and American jobs, their persecution of Christians and religious minorities, and for their lies and incompetence that unleashed the coronavirus and brought the entire world economy to the brink.

Stand with Israel

Standing with Israel. Israel is a strong, reliable, and trusted ally of the United States and I am proud to stand with the Israeli nation in support of its sovereignty over its rightful territory, regions, and people. I stand with the Israeli nation in believing Jerusalem is the historic, current, and future capital.

The United States and Israel have a long history of mutual cooperation and trade — built on a strong foundation of shared Judeo-Christian values — and as U.S. Senator, I will always protect this alliance.