Protecting our constitutional rights to life, liberty, and religion. As a person of faith and devoted Catholic, I am deeply and strongly pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious freedom. I believe our unalienable rights are God-given, not government-given, and I will fiercely defend our Constitutional liberties as Senator. These are absolute.


Returning to America First immigration policies. Protecting our borders is essential to national security, economic security, and national sovereignty. It’s also a drugs and human trafficking issue.

As Senator, I will fight to finish President Trump’s wall. I will re-institute the Remain in Mexico policy, deport criminal illegal aliens, vote against amnesty, and end catch and release.

An open border contributes to a surge in Ohio’s opioid epidemic and dangerous human trafficking. A strong border translates to safer communities.


Protecting Ohio’s economy through low taxes and less regulation. I’ve signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, promising to vote against tax increases in Washington, and will fight to return to the historic Trump-era tax cuts that unleashed America’s economic engine. I will slash red-tape and cut regulations that stunt American innovation and opportunity.

I’ll fight against Democrats’ radical Green New Deal agenda and protect Ohio’s energy jobs by supporting the continued exploration and development of Ohio’s oil and gas resources.

We must end all illegal COVID regulations and as Senator, I will defend workers’ rights against unconstitutional infringements on their privacy and medical freedom.


Ensuring Ohio’s workforce is skilled and ready. We have a workforce crisis in this country made worse by Democrat policies of government dependency. It’s critical we get our economy moving again and invest in a skilled workforce to fill the jobs available.

This means better training for our workers, expanding skilled trades in schools, and prioritizing an Ohio workforce through strong immigration policies.

As Senator, I’ll propose tax credits for businesses that invest and train students in their own communities for the jobs of tomorrow. Keeping workers in Ohio and training the next generation of workers is a win-win for our state.


Fighting the Left’s “woke” education agenda. The battle for the soul of our nation begins in our schools. With Critical Race Theory and other anti-American indoctrination, the Left wants our children to believe America is a racist and evil country – but I won’t let them!

In the U.S. Senate, I’ll make sure not a single penny of federal tax dollars goes to these radical propaganda teachings.

I am also a strong supporter of school choice and will vote for policies that expand access to education so families can choose what is best for their children, no matter their zip code.

It’s about parents’ rights, not politicians.’


Safeguarding our elections. There was unquestionably voter fraud in the 2020 election. We need to secure the integrity of our elections by taking every instance of voter fraud seriously, investigating it and ensuring it can never happen again. We need to make sure it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat like it is here in Ohio.

I’ll also stand against Democrat power grabs like H.R. 1 that would throw all election integrity safeguards out the window. Ohioans know best how to run our elections - not Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer.

I don’t just use election integrity as a buzzword or a rallying cry – I’ve actually worked to secure elections. As Ohio Party Chair, I helped recruit an army of poll watchers and lawyers to make sure our election was done right – resulting in a resounding re-election victory for President Trump in Ohio by over 8.5 points!


Combating the rise of cancel culture. The “woke” liberal mob continues to come after our traditions and values, and the mainstream media and its Big Tech allies silence anyone that dares question it.

The last Presidential election showed that Big Tech has become an arm of the Democrat Party. President Trump was right when he said “They're not after me, they're after you. I'm just in the way.”

As your Senator, I’ll stand up to Big Tech by taking away their special legal privilege that gives them immunity from lawsuits that you and I would face if we were in their shoes. I will proudly protect our First Amendment rights and fight back against the Left’s cancel culture.


Keeping the right to bear arms. Frederick Douglass said: “Our rights rest in three boxes. The ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box.” I own guns, and I’ll always fight for your Constitutional right to do the same.

“Shall not be infringed” means shall not be infringed, and as your Senator, I will fight to stop Democrats’ unconstitutional push to take away our Second Amendment rights.


Standing up for law enforcement. Our police officers put their lives on the line for us every day, and they do it while they get smeared and demonized by the media and the Left. As Senator, I will always back the blue and stand against liberal schemes to defund the police that have led to a surge of violent crime in primarily Democrat-run cities across the country.

As Senator, I’ll make sure criminals are treated like criminals and our police officers are treated like the heroes they are!

Tough on China

Holding China accountable. China is the greatest foreign threat facing the United States. While Barack Obama and Joe Biden bowed to China, President Trump had what it took to stand up to the Communist regime and fight for American workers and for Ohio workers.

We need leaders who will hold China accountable for their theft of intellectual property and American jobs, their persecution of Christians and religious minorities, and for their lies and incompetence that unleashed the coronavirus and brought the entire world economy to the brink.

As Ohio’s next United States Senator, I’ll stand up to China and the Chinese Communist Party by continuing President Trump’s tough on China approach that finally put the CCP on notice that their years of fraud and cheating were done.

Stand with Israel

Standing with Israel. Israel is a strong, reliable, and trusted ally of the United States and I am proud to stand with the Israeli nation in support of its sovereignty over its rightful territory, regions, and people. President Trump was right to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and I stand with the Israeli nation in recognizing Jerusalem as the historic, current, and future capital.

The United States and Israel have a long history of mutual cooperation and trade — built on a strong foundation of shared Judeo-Christian values — and as U.S. Senator, I will always protect this alliance.


Supporting Ohio’s farmers. Ohio is a leading agriculture state and our family farms help to feed and fuel America – we must support them in this mission. I’ll stand against harmful Democrat policies that want to tax cow’s emissions, eliminate the death tax exemption, regulate farmers’ waterways, and infringe on farmers’ property rights.

I live on a farm that produces corn and soybeans, so farming is deeply personal to me. I have a real understanding of what our farmers need, and I’ll take that voice to Washington.