New Endorsements Add to Jane Timken’s Surging Momentum

Over 165 Endorsements for America First, Grassroots Candidate

December 8, 2021

CANTON, OH – On the heels of a new poll showing surging momentum for U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken, the campaign announced today four new endorsements from conservative leaders in Ohio, including State Senator Bob Hackett. Timken has already been endorsed by over 165 grassroots officials – a number that dwarfs that of her opponents – a testament to her broad appeal and proven leadership as a conservative champion. 

“From Borges and Kasich, to the ORP and Householder, everywhere Jane goes, she cleans up the mess! Up next is the U.S. Senate! Jane represents everything we want in Washington, and we couldn’t find a better candidate in Jane.” – Bob Hackett, State Senator District 10 

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 “I support Jane Timken because we need leaders in Washington that actually lead, not just follow. Jane has been on the front lines of fighting for our conservative cause for years and she is unapologetic in standing for law and order, our police officers, and the safety of our communities. I am confident that Jane will be a strong champion for Ohio families which is why she has my full support.” – Triffon Callos, Green Township Trustee, Hamilton County

“I’m humbled by the unmatched support I’ve received from Ohio’s conservative grassroots,” said Timken. “I’m running a race for Ohio, in Ohio, fueled by Ohioans, because this race is about saving our state and county from the socialist Left.” 

Full list of today’s endorsements
State Senator Bob Hackett, Senate District 10
Auditor Nancy Milliken, Columbiana County
Triffon Callos, Green Township Trustee, Hamilton County
David Bethel, Union Township Trustee, Ross County

The growing slate of endorsements from Ohio conservatives and Governor Kristi Noem adds to an already robust field program, with over 750,000 voter contacts made. Timken also is the only candidate with a statewide infrastructure and individual donor support in all 88 counties, highlighting Timken’s grassroots appeal as the clear consensus candidate. Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.


U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Timken Releases “Parents First” Curriculum

Policy Outline Part of Timken’s Agenda to Empower Ohio Families

December 7, 2021

 CANTON, OH – As part of her focus on education, U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken released the following policy priorities she would emphasize when elected to the Senate. Called the “Parents First Curriculum,” this set of commonsense reforms would rid schools of divisive Critical Race Theory and put parents back in charge of their children’s health, education, and well-being.  

“I believe education is the key to the American Dream,” said Timken. “But that dream is being robbed from children as teachers unions, leftist activists and liberal school board members turn our schools into centers of indoctrination and erode their standards of excellence. As Ohio’s next Senator – but more importantly as a mom – I will empower parents and families to have a voice in their children’s education, not politicians and bureaucrats.” 

Parents First Curriculum 

  1. Pass a “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” including that:
    1. Parents have a right to be involved in their children’s education
    2. Parents have a right to direct the personal medical choices of their children
    3. Parents have a right to choose the best education provider for their child with taxpayer-funded education dollars
    4. Parents have a right to be notified and provide consent for any teachings regarding Comprehensive Sex Education, Gender Theory, or other beliefs that should begin in the home
    5. Parents have a right for their children to receive safe, in-person learning
    6. Parents have a right to voice their opinions at school board meetings
  2. Defund Critical Race Theory
  3. Ensure that no teacher, school official, or student should ever be compelled to teach or affirm any idea that violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  4. Expand school choice programs by tying federal funding to students rather than systems
    1. Co-Sponsor Senator Tim Scott’s CHOICE Act
    2. Encourage states to pass legislation like Ohio’s Backpack Bill
  5. Fund workforce development programs such as Career Tech Education credits, dual-track community college classes, financial literacy and other programs that will prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow
  6. Abolish or significantly downsize the Dept. of Education and return control to the local level
  7. Codify President Trump’s “1776 Commission” to teach patriotism
  8. Demand Merrick Garland rescind memo that labels parents “domestic terrorists”
  9. Protect the integrity of women’s sports by guaranteeing women are not forced to compete against biological men
  10. Promote transparency by requiring schools to post curriculum online, livestream school board meetings, and provide access to the school’s budget, including revenues and expenditures

Timken has made the “school board mom and dad” a major focus of her campaign, launching a listening tour on combating Critical Race Theory back in May and continuing this Fall with a “Parents First” tour. Timken also helped nearly two dozen like-minded school board candidates achieve victory in this November’s election through donations and field support, and was the first U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio to sign the Education Freedom Pledge. This is all part of Timken’s America First, Parents First agenda. 

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Jane Timken Surges on Senate Ballot as Momentum for America First, Grassroots Candidate Grows

First Time Candidate Timken Moves Closer to the Lead as Opponents Decline or Stall

December 2, 2021

 CANTON, OH – Jane Timken’s campaign for U.S. Senate released the following poll Thursday showing a surge of momentum for the first-time candidate. Climbing six points since last month alone, Timken is squarely within striking distance of the lead, while every other candidate — including Mandel and Vance — have stalled or declined. 

“We are working hard every day, traveling to all corners of Ohio talking and listening to Ohio families with a relentless focus on fighting for parents and stopping the disastrous agenda of Joe Biden and the Left,” said Timken. “I’m incredibly excited that voters are responding to my record as the only authentic fighter for Ohioans and the America First agenda who will combat inflation, keep Critical Race Theory out of our schools, end the Fauci lockdown madness, and stop the Socialist Left.”  

Key findings of the poll include: 

  • Timken’s ballot position, image, and statewide awareness are improving on a monthly basis while other candidates are either flat-lining or declining. 
  • Timken continues to gain on career-politician Josh Mandel as he remains stalled in the same place he started — despite entering the race with a name ID advantage from running for office for more than two decades. 
    • Timken has climbed on the ballot and sits at 17% while Mandel has declined on the ballot to 21%.
    • Mandel’s lead is entirely a product of his perennial candidacies for public office since the 1990s and spending well over $50 million in past campaigns, but he is seeing decline in his numbers and is underperforming relative to his name ID. 
      • Ohio voters are clearly looking for an alternative. 
  • Timken’s image is more than 2:1 positive with an increase in ten points since last month alone. 
    • The more voters get to know Timken, the more they like her. 
  • JD Vance is underwater. The more Ohio GOP voters learn about his Never-Trump record, the more toxic and unelectable he becomes.

These survey results prove that Jane Timken is running a winning campaign for Senate. The campaign is back on TV with an aggressive media strategy to best position Timken to peak at the right time to win and provide air support to our unparalleled ground game that has already contacted more than 750,000 Republican voters in Ohio. Timken is also the only candidate focused on the key issues that matter to Ohio voters including the economy, inflation, education, and safe communities. Her “Parents First” tour and focus on Ohio’s children are paying off as she continues to speak to Ohioans as a mom, a fighter, and a champion for the conservative agenda that will save our country. 

The poll was conducted by Moore Information Group. For more information see the polling memo below: