ICYMI: Cincinnati Enquirer: Disdain for law enforcement in this country must end

February 15, 2022

Cincinnati Enquirer
By Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate

“Across the country, 30 law enforcement officers were shot in the line of duty in January alone. In 2021, intentional killings of officers reached a 20-year high. Meanwhile, violent crime spiked across the country as 14 major Democrat-run cities, including Columbus and Toledo, broke homicide records.

There is a war being waged on the police, and beneath this backdrop of violence, lies a silent White House and a complicit Democrat Party.

…Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, my likely Democrat opponent in the U.S. Senate race, has even accused police officers of being a leading cause of death for young men – a totally false and irresponsible claim.

The dramatic rise in crime and the escalating violence against police is a direct result of this harmful rhetoric and the unmitigated disaster that is bail reform.

Biden and Democrats have spent the last two years telling criminals that if they break the law, we won’t punish you, but telling police officers that if they enforce the law, we will punish you. At the same time, left-wing governors and prosecutors, many funded by liberal billionaire George Soros, promote weak bail reform policies that allow repeat violent criminals to go free on the streets.

As Ohio’s next senator, I fiercely believe that instead of defunding the police, we should be defending the police!

One of my top priorities as U.S. Senator will be to kick the Department of Justice into action. It should go without saying, but the DOJ needs to be more focused on prosecuting violent criminals than prosecuting parents at school board meetings. 

Finally, on a more local level, we have to vote out liberal prosecutors and support tough-on-crime prosecutors like Hamilton County’s Joe Deters. Prosecutor Deters knows better than most the Soros-machine that is trying to systematically dismantle law and order in this country, but we have to fight back. That is why I was proud to work so hard as Ohio Republican Party Chair to ensure Prosecutor Deters’ reelection in 2020, and why I’m very proud to have his endorsement in this U.S. Senate primary, along with the support of many sheriffs and law enforcement officials across the state.

One of the major pillars of my Senate platform is ensuring Ohio’s communities are safe. We can’t have thriving schools or booming businesses without first having safe communities, and we can’t have safe communities without the work of police officers.

On the campaign trail, I talk regularly with law enforcement, tour sheriff’s departments, and have even done ride-alongs to get first-hand experience of what police officers face every single day.

The disdain for law enforcement in this country must end. No more fallen heroes. No more demoralizing, denigrating, or defunding the police.

As Ohio’s next senator, I will always stand strong for the men and women in blue. It’s past time we treat criminals like criminals and police officers like the heroes they are!”

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