In Ohio Senate Debate, Jane Timken Holds Opponents Accountable: “They’re All Talk. I’ve Done It.”

March 21, 2022

Timken a Mom on a Mission to Take Our Country Back

 CLEVELAND, OH – U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken’s record of results stood out in tonight’s field of candidates who are all talk, but no action. 

“I’m a mom on a mission to take our country back,” said Timken. “I’ve put over 150,000 miles on my car fighting for the America First agenda. At all the rallies, bus tours, door launches and events, I saw a lot of things – but Josh Mandel, Mike Gibbons and JD Vance weren’t one of those things.” 

Timken also called out her opponents childish behavior on Friday night:
“What we saw in Friday night’s debate was an embarrassment. Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons acted like children, and if I were their mom, I would have grounded them.”

Timken emphasized the choice Ohioans have in this race: “There are a lot of people who are all talk. There’s a lot of show horses, but I’m the work horse. No one has spent more time with Ohio families, businesses and communities. We saw two people on the stage on Friday fight for themselves, but I’m in this race to fight for Ohio.” 

Learn more about Jane Timken and her campaign for U.S. Senate HERE.


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