Timken Campaign Response to Mike Gibbons’ Sexist Attack

August 8, 2021

CANTON, OH – Mandi Merritt, communications director for Jane Timken, candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement today in response to Mike Gibbons’ sexist attack that Jane Timken has “barely worked” in an interview with NBC 4’s The Spectrum:

“Mike Gibbons clearly did not do his research and instead decided to rely on a false, sexist trope that is wildly condescending. Here’s the facts: Jane worked her way through college, sometimes cleaning dorm bathrooms and catering events so that she could earn a good education. She went on to serve her community as a successful lawyer, Magistrate, and law clerk, as well as on countless charitable organizations. She then broke Ohio’s glass ceiling to become the first female Chair of any major political party in Ohio, leading the ORP to become one of the most successful state parties in the country. To falsely attack the only female in this race as having ‘barely worked’ is an insult and stereotype that lessens women to only their husband’s career. Jane Timken is her own person with her own record of success to stand on. Mike Gibbons may be living in the 1950s, but Ohio voters are not. Mike Gibbons should apologize to Jane and to Ohio women for perpetuating this offensive stereotype.” 

Interview here (around the 6:00 minute mark)
Gibbons: “Jane Timken, best I know, before she became deputy chair of the Stark County Republican Party, barely worked. It’s certainly not her money.”


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