U.S. Senate Candidate Jane Timken Releases “Parents First” Curriculum

Policy Outline Part of Timken’s Agenda to Empower Ohio Families

December 7, 2021

 CANTON, OH – As part of her focus on education, U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken released the following policy priorities she would emphasize when elected to the Senate. Called the “Parents First Curriculum,” this set of commonsense reforms would rid schools of divisive Critical Race Theory and put parents back in charge of their children’s health, education, and well-being.  

“I believe education is the key to the American Dream,” said Timken. “But that dream is being robbed from children as teachers unions, leftist activists and liberal school board members turn our schools into centers of indoctrination and erode their standards of excellence. As Ohio’s next Senator – but more importantly as a mom – I will empower parents and families to have a voice in their children’s education, not politicians and bureaucrats.” 

Parents First Curriculum 

  1. Pass a “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” including that:
    1. Parents have a right to be involved in their children’s education
    2. Parents have a right to direct the personal medical choices of their children
    3. Parents have a right to choose the best education provider for their child with taxpayer-funded education dollars
    4. Parents have a right to be notified and provide consent for any teachings regarding Comprehensive Sex Education, Gender Theory, or other beliefs that should begin in the home
    5. Parents have a right for their children to receive safe, in-person learning
    6. Parents have a right to voice their opinions at school board meetings
  2. Defund Critical Race Theory
  3. Ensure that no teacher, school official, or student should ever be compelled to teach or affirm any idea that violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  4. Expand school choice programs by tying federal funding to students rather than systems
    1. Co-Sponsor Senator Tim Scott’s CHOICE Act
    2. Encourage states to pass legislation like Ohio’s Backpack Bill
  5. Fund workforce development programs such as Career Tech Education credits, dual-track community college classes, financial literacy and other programs that will prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow
  6. Abolish or significantly downsize the Dept. of Education and return control to the local level
  7. Codify President Trump’s “1776 Commission” to teach patriotism
  8. Demand Merrick Garland rescind memo that labels parents “domestic terrorists”
  9. Protect the integrity of women’s sports by guaranteeing women are not forced to compete against biological men
  10. Promote transparency by requiring schools to post curriculum online, livestream school board meetings, and provide access to the school’s budget, including revenues and expenditures

Timken has made the “school board mom and dad” a major focus of her campaign, launching a listening tour on combating Critical Race Theory back in May and continuing this Fall with a “Parents First” tour. Timken also helped nearly two dozen like-minded school board candidates achieve victory in this November’s election through donations and field support, and was the first U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio to sign the Education Freedom Pledge. This is all part of Timken’s America First, Parents First agenda. 

To learn more, visit JaneTimkenforOhio.com


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