Momentum for Jane Timken Increases as U.S. Senate Race Now Statistically Tied

January 7, 2022

America First Candidate Jane Timken Continues To Gain on Ballot

 CANTON, OH – Jane Timken’s campaign for U.S. Senate released the following poll Friday showing that the Senate ballot is now statistically tied between first-time candidate Jane Timken and career-politician Josh Mandel. With the primary only four months away, Timken has gutted Mandel’s early lead as Ohio primary voters coalesce around her as the fresh leader and true America First candidate they want in Washington.  

“Ohioans know me as a leader who was there for them and the America First agenda, and I’m incredibly excited they continue to put their faith in me,” said Timken. “My campaign is run IN Ohio, FOR Ohio, and supported BY Ohioans because this race isn’t about me – it’s about delivering for Ohio families, businesses and communities all across the state. Together, we will stop the Democrats’ socialist takeover in its tracks and return our country to the strong, conservative leadership that it desperately craves.” 

Key findings of the poll include: 

  • Timken is now within a net point swing in the race – a statistical tie – as her ballot position, image, and statewide awareness continue to surge at the right time.
    • This continued growth comes when two other candidates and two outside-aligned groups are spending more on paid advertising. 
  • The more Ohio voters learn about Timken, the more they like her, while Mandel has the reverse effect and continues to fall on the ballot.
    • Mandel is vulnerable as Ohio voters are clearly looking for an alternative. 
    • Mandel’s early lead was entirely a product of his perennial candidacies for public office since the 1990s and spending well over $50 million in past campaigns, but he continues to see a decline in his numbers and is underperforming relative to his name ID.
  • JD Vance is underwater as his Never-Trump record continues to come to light.
    • Vance is running in fifth place, despite a $10,000,000 Super PAC boost, and is the only candidate with a higher unfavorable than favorable rating. 
  • Mike Gibbons continues to remain relatively stagnant despite this being his second statewide campaign and spending a massive amount of money on paid advertising.  

These survey results prove that Jane Timken is running a winning campaign as Ohio voters are clearly responding to her America First message, relentless grassroots campaign, and strong record of leadership. The results also come on the heels of a new endorsement this week from Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, buoying the endorsements of over 170 conservative leaders in Ohio, Governor Kristi Noem, Maggie’s List, and VIEW PAC. 

Read the full polling memo below. 

The poll was conducted by Moore Information Group.

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