ICYMI: Newsmax: In a Field of Buckeye State Pretenders, Timken Is the Real Deal

April 12, 2022

Op-ed by Bernard Kerik, former NYPD Commissioner 

“In the Ohio Senate primary, there’s a clash of self-proclaimed MAGA candidates all clamoring for the Trump, America First mantle. However, it only takes a closer look to see who are pretenders, and who’s the real deal.

Jane Timken is the only true MAGA conservative in Ohio who has been there for President Trump and the America First movement since 2016 and all the way through, to the present day.

President Trump rightfully recognized that Ohio needed a change of leadership, so he hand-picked Jane Timken, a staunch conservative and strong leader, to take on and oust the Kasich regime. Jane Timken did just that. She then unified the Ohio Republican Party to become one of the strongest in the nation and helped turn Ohio into the pro-Trump, MAGA stronghold it is today.

In 2020, when other states didn’t do the necessary work to make sure elections were safe and secure, Jane Timken did, and Ohio delivered by more than 8.5 points for President Trump — an increased margin from 2016.

While other candidates in this race, especially Josh Mandel, love to talk about the 2020 election because they know it’s what President Trump wants to hear, my question to them is: where were they when it mattered?

When the legal team was looking for assistance in Ohio and Mandel was called, he ignored us. Mandel refused to return the call, but Jane Timken led the effort.

A closer look into the caricature that is Josh Mandel, the already twice-failed Senate contender, shows that Mandel was Marco Rubio’s top guy in Ohio and wouldn’t even say President Trump’s name during the RNC Convention in Cleveland.

Yet, when it suited him in his Senate bid in 2018, the past establishment toting Kasich-Romney-Rubio career politician became full-throated MAGA to try and bait and switch the Ohio people. Yet when he quit the Senate race in 2018, he was nowhere to be found for President Trump when it really mattered.

Not in 2018, not in 2019, not in 2020.

Not during either of President Trump’s baseless impeachment witch-hunts.

Not when President Trump was passing historic trade deals for Ohio workers.

Not when Ohio needed surrogates on the campaign trail.

Not anywhere. Mandel was anti-Trump then, and is faking it today.

J.D. Vance’s anti-Trump history is well-documented.

He has called the MAGA movement “racist,” “uneducated,” and “Godless.”

He has said President Trump is an “idiot.”

He even voted for Evan McMullin over President Trump in 2016. Now some say he should be forgiven for having a change of heart, but I believe the MAGA movement needs someone who recognized early on that workers were being forgotten, Ohioans were being left behind, and America was being cheated by China — not a convert who jumped on the bandwagon.

Mike Gibbons, the candidate spending $11 million of his own money to try and buy Ohio’s Senate seat after he lost the Senate primary in 2018, is attempting to portray himself in President Trump’s businessman-mold, yet lacks all of the charisma and agility of what MAGA is all about, and demands. 

Just this week, new evidence showed that Gibbons said the middle class “doesn’t pay any kind of a fair share” in taxes. Raising taxes is the antithesis of MAGA.

Last you have Matt Dolan, who really doesn’t even deserve a closer look.

His anti-Life, anti-2nd Amendment policies belong on the Democratic Party ballot, not on the GOPs, and President Trump has already blasted him for bowing to the woke mob and changing his family’s baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, to the Cleveland Guardians.

In Ohio, the choice is clear. Jane Timken has shown the dedication, consistency, and fighter spirit that the MAGA movement is about. She will win against Democrats in November and she will be a fantastic next America First, United States senator.”

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